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Welcome to GONG-YOGA

Meditation Music for Wellness & Awakening, The Dawning of Sacred Sound

GONG YOGA is an exhilarating and empowering form of sound meditation that is a feeling, an experience, and sometimes an adventure, as much as it is an awesome sound and form of entertainment.

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GONG-YOGA“, loosely translated, means “Divine Union through or with the aid of the gong sound or energy.” In simpler terms, GONG-YOGA is sound therapy or healing.  It also induces meditation and deep (and sometimes profound), relaxation.

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Jens Zygar – Master Gong – Does Size Matter ?

Does Size Matter? “Not particularly someone said, as long as it’s not too small”.  So although “size isn’t everything”, it seems to count for a lot here.  Checkout this 9 minute video of Jens Zygar coaxing a roar from a huge gong.  It’s a shame that some people do not use good enough recording equipment to do the gong justice, and fail to really get the gong moving lots of air & lots of sound, but nevertheless, the roar of this gong comes across like a monolithic warrior-emissary from a distant planet who has come to transmit their  intention to make love, not war.


Please comment.  The “presence” of the gong is undeniable, but in this case, it is downright awesome, even before a note is struck.  And couldn’t you just imagine a muscle-bound Samurai Warrior poised before this amazing gong with a mallet in each arm, facilitating the release of the full power of its magnificence.

BE HAPPY – Life Purpose – DWIT – The Vortex – THRIVE

DWIT.  Do Whatever It Takes is the Bottom Line.  How do we have more? Simply by doing whatever it takes to bring a smile to our face (or heart) and this simple act (of trust or faith for many) will magnetically attract to us more reasons, circumstances & conditions to be happy.  This is metaphysics, the science of the evolved human.  At Mastering Alchemy,  Jim Self explains that “thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic”.  Thus it is that emotions (magnet) attract more of the same emotion to us and it is the thoughts that power the magnet (like wirs wrapped around the iron core of an electromagnet.

This is a time to turn off the news and to fantasize with excited expectation, release our arguments for limitation (the “why nots” and our “stories”), and dream our life into being. This is our “return to innocence”, the return of the child-like way of being, devoid of fear, where it’s all about playing.


This is a time to believe in what is possible (everything), in yourself, and move forward towards birthing a new you.  This is a starting point of simply doing whatever it takes to feel good and be happy.  “Fake it until you make it” is a perfectly valid philosophy.

Being happy is a decision, and it is perhaps the missing ingredient in many people’s recipe  & understanding of The Law of Attraction.  Because my theory is that if we are always living in alignment with our heart (our guidance system), then we will be led to fulfilling our Life’s Purpose, (as well as feeling happy).  And so this perhaps the “missing ingredient” in many people’s “get rich quick” plans – unless perhaps you can remember to stay excited with the expectation of attracting riches into your life – in which case, so it shall be. I adamantly believe that the soul will lead us to fulfilling our purpose through our heart.


Yet for now, let’s keep it simple, and just make the choice to be happy, knowing that this is “the secret”. This is not a denial of “the way things are” and “what’s on our plate”, it is focusing on what is most important. There are many more things we can do to help us maintain this smile on our face and in our heart, including asking The Divine for assistance.  We don’t have  to do life alone, in fact I believe that we cannot.

Understand that what you put your attention on, or think, visualize, or feel, is what your create more of in your life.  Although another key component of the “Shift” (in consciousness) is let go of any & all negative self-talk of the past.  Appreciate the now.

Concrete methods of how to step outside of our stories, struggle, & worries is a subject that could be explored another time.  This process is perhaps easier said that done with a history of habits & stuffed emotions, but it is not only possible, but rather, necessary, and it is no longer something we can choose not to do.


Obvious to some of you, the key to using The Law of Attraction is realizing that the vision of our dreams we wish to manifest is to reach for & hold the feeling of the experience, not a thought to hold.


In the words of Dr. Judy Satori, (http://www.thesoundoflight.com/), it is a feeling of “positive expectation” that empowers the Law of Attraction.  This law / principle is in effect whether you believe it or not.  Understand that it is the emotion and your visualizations behind your dreams & desires that will attract them into manifestation and your life, much more so than simply your thought, affirmations & vision board.

Dawning Realities – Birth a Leader in Your Dream – Story Waters

Discover a man, a philosophy, and an energy that facilitates your transformation.  Sense Story Waters equanamity & presence.  Story’s “Reality School” is not just cutting edge information on actioning The Law of Attraction, but moreover an activation and a transmission of energy.  Enjoy, and be inspired to step into your power.  Blissings.


WELCOME TO 2012. Welcome to “THE SHIFT”. Goodbye 3-D. Hello 5-D


To shift or not to shift – What a silly question !

These next 2 years promise to deliver exciting opportunity, providing that we can access our heart-mind, stay out of our head at will, and choose to witness our experiences rather than react to them.

Having the Knowledge, Awareness, and Tools to assist us to flow with these changes will greatly assist us in facilitating the transformation with The Shift with greater ease.

For a free one hour seminar on what the shift is all about and how to flow with it, you may want to have a listen to (and download if you wish) the Free Webinar at



Here’s a suggestion to start creating more of what you want in your life:

CLARITY; Schedule THINKING TIME to review intentions & progress.  This is of course “Manifesting Abundance 101” which we all know, but taking action is more important that knowing.

Identify 7 important facets of your life.

Identify 1 aspect of each of those facets that you would like to be different. (Or perhaps two items in a couple of categories in there are only 5 areas in your life that are really important to you.)

Know exactly how you would like those aspects to be different; what they would look & feel like, and imagine & feel the impact it would have on your life to be, experience, or have those things.

Taking action to bring these aspects closer to you or vice versa would be helpful, and in some cases necessary, but the key thing is be know what it is that you want so that you are aligned with it and will therefore recognize the opportunity when it presents itself.  (Sufi wisdom: “Always hold your intent before you.”)

Review these intentions to be, experience and / or have these things at least once a daily basis, and actually schedule time weekly or monthly to review intentions (because they sometimes change) and / or progress.

Please note that I recognize that you are “perfect” just the way you are.  We’re not just talking about doing more having more, nor I am suggesting that we are not good enough as we are, but moreover, The Shift is about actually enjoying the transformation with excited expectation.  Self Mastery does come into the picture though, because the energy of The Shift shows us that we are moving towards an infinitely more capable and more expanded version of a human being, more aligned with the Divine God-Self in essence that we know we are; peace-full, joy-full, compassionate, and prosperous within & without.

Blessings of Bliss, Equanamity, Health, Wisdom, and Prosperity


Crystal Bowls, Temples & Toning – Gong-friends of Sonic Love

Season’s Blissings Gong-friends.  Have a Look & Listen to  the “Crystal Bowl Choir’s – Spiral of Sound”  And what a temple!  Note that that is a six pointed star on the floor, not a pentagram.  Yes the black robes are a bit cultish, are certainly not my frequency.  But imagine the same setup and having the bowls really SINGING, and accompanied by a chorus of angelic being, (brought into the circle with loving intention).


What do you think? (Or should I say feel?)

Self Mastery – The Relationship between self & Self, the i and the not-i

Self Mastery may not seem to be related to Gong Yoga & Meditation to some people, but it reflects the essence & purpose of yoga; to become the perfect specimen of a human.  Ironically, this requires accepting where we are as perfect for the time being, “as the longest journey starts with the first step”, and sincere intention.  Patanjali’s Sutras is essential reading for a Yogi and Yogini, and they are a dilight to appreciators of truth & poetry.

Please read Nthathu Allen’s excellent aritcle from www.ezinearticles.com reprinted below.

Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali – The Beginners Guide to the Yoga Sutras


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Expert Author Ntathu Allen

If you are new to yoga or even a seasoned yogi, chances are you have heard your yoga teacher mention the words “the sutra’s” or the “eight limbs of yoga” or even mentioned the great yoga teacher, Patanjali.

Did you realise that the Sutras form the philosophical basis of your physical practice? In fact, yoga, which means ‘union’ is about the bringing together and harmonization of your mind, body and soul. Through a deeper understanding of the philosophical aspects of yoga it is possible for you to go deeper into your practice and make yoga an even bigger part of your daily life.

The Sutra’s of Patanjali is one of the most popular texts dealing with yoga philosophy. Widely influenced by the great Indian sage Patanjali, most modern day yoga students’ first introduction to philosophy is through their introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas or in hearing the words “the Eight Limbs of Yoga”.

Patanjali is known as one of the founders of yoga. Born around 300 BC, Patanjali’s texts give you a set of 196 aphorisms or threads known as the Sutras. This work epitomizes the principles and practices of yoga as it brings together all the various strands and thoughts re yoga philosophy into one comprehensive bundle of knowledge.

The Four Chapters of the Sutras

The Sutras offer you a thread, or sutra to follow though each stage of your yoga journey. The Sutras contain four chapters, each chapter covering a different stage and approach to yoga.

1. The first chapter explains yoga and focuses on how the mind fluctuates, the obstacles the mind creates and the effect this has on you and your yoga practice.
2. The second chapter focuses on the Eight Limbs of Yoga, which is where most yoga students first encounter the Sutras.
3. The third chapter of the Sutras explores the potential of your mind and the vast release of potential which can be gained through the practice and mastery of yoga.
4. The fourth chapter discusses the soul and its final journey towards release and liberation.

The Sutras and the Eight Limbs of Yoga

As previously stated, the more common known Sutra text, is the second chapter of the Sutra. According to Patanjali, this consists of eight limbs, known as ‘The Eight Limbs of Yoga’. Each of the limbs form part of yoga philosophy yet each limb has its own separate meaning or identity. The ultimate aim is to study and gradually integrate the Eight Limbs of Yoga into your daily life. This gives you a well rounded, more holistic yoga practice. The Eight Limbs can be viewed as stepping stones towards the traditional goal of yoga – self realisation and enlightenment – a true and deep sense of inner peace and universal connection.

Self Mastery is an ideal philosophy to re-consider as we leave 2011 (the year of mastery), and an ideal time to commence anew, to re-invent yourself in the light of higher wisdom & spirituality.

The first five limbs of the Eight Limbs of Yoga help to clear negative emotions and behaviours and prepare the body and mind for the next three limbs, which lead to enlightenment or Samadi as it is known in yoga.

The first five limbs consist of

1. Yama (a set of social codes for communal ethical living)
2. Niyama (guidelines for personal conduct and behaviour)
3. Asana (yoga postures)
4. Pranayama (breath control)
5. Pratyahara (withdrawal and control of the senses)

The last three limbs are

6. Dharana (concentration)
7. Dhyana (meditation)
8. Samadhi (enlightenment, self-realisation)

As a Yoga Teacher, I have noticed some students prefer to study the philosophical side of yoga whilst others favour the more practical aspects. Neither is right nor wrong; however, I believe, in true yogic fashion, we seek union, so it is the blending, practicing and understanding of the theory and practice which leads to a deeper more holistic and balanced mind body and spirit.

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Blessings From Ntathu Allen, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Visit me for further support and encouragement on your personal wellness journey on http://www.yogainspires.co.uk

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ntathu_Allen

I hope you got something from that.  Please comment on the place of Self-Mastery in the modern world – perhaps especially as it relates to 2012.

GONG – Sigur Ros

My inner poet has yet to deduce why Sigur Ros entitled this track “Gong”, but I have posted it anyways because I felt that it was so extraordinarily beautiful.  It is very different that the Gong’s beauty, (which is more extraordinarily awesome).  I used to never listen to Sigur Ros, but it seems that they too have emerged into the dawn of a new light, (or are perhaps in transition – in the process of awakening to magnificence and the miraculous inherent in life’s simpler wonders).  What do you think?  Or more apropos; What do you feel?


Paiste Gongs, Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, and Self-Mastery


Paiste Gongs by Harijiwan.

The renowned Harijiwan’s 2 minute video is an excellent intro to Gong Yoga.  It’s certainly a plug for Paiste Gongs too, but why not!  I use one, and they are unanimously wonderful!  Even before a single note is struck, its exquisite presence radiates strength and beauty.  But to listen to the gong play, and I mean sing, (not just making noise), that is another treat altogether.  The ethereal tones and overtones are unique and mysterious.  I will have samples on this website soon.

Feel free to comment or question.