Who Am I ? and What I do

Dakum Ross

Dakum Ross

Gong Yoga

I am a Yogi, a Mystic, a Musician, and a Performer.  I play Gong Yoga Meditation Music as a Spiritual Practice and as a Healing Art.

(A Yogi or Yogini is one who’s life goal is the “Union with The Divine” or “Enlightenment” above all else —> which implies evolving one’s state of being to the degree of Self-Mastery, where one learns to utilize the 90% brain, and has realized the optimal functioning of his/her energy centers / chakras, thereby attaining unimaginable abilities & states of consciousness.)

Gong Yoga

Should be listened to with quality headphones / earbuds (to benefit from full spectrum of frequencies and the 3D recording effect) … or preferably live, (and never while driving).

The Paiste Gongs

Are the only gongs (or tam-tams) that I know of that are manufactured as tuned musical instruments, (the majority of other gongs being mere beautiful percussion objects d’art).

Mission Statement:


  1. To achieve Self-Mastery, (highest potential in development & alignment of mind-body-soul-spirit, character & resilience / fortitude),

… to explore the dynamics of the HEF (human energy field), energy management, & multi-dimensional consciousness,

… to resound these vibrations in the form of Gong-Yoga (transformational & healing energy),

… and to continually trust in life’s newness & synchronicities as I live it & love it in the moment, occasionally looking forward & pre-paving with excited expectation (a Judy Satori expression)

—> thereby forming a bridge for others to follow, as fellow pioneers & adventurers of consciousness

—> effectively becoming & exemplifying the change we want to see in the world, leading to higher levels of personal success, fulfillment & happiness, while contributing to the enrichment, well-being & transformation of society and the fostering of Heaven on Earth, and


  1. To master the parameters (and limits if there are any) of the Law of Attraction, “the art of allowing”, (surrender & equinamity), and “the science of deliberate creation”, particularly in relation to “free will” & “dharma” (right work / ultimate purpose & raison d’etre or destiny).

www.Gong-Yoga.com is also a Spiritual Resource

—> offering the Sadak / novice exposure to effective complementary Sadhana / spiritual practices & lifestyles, and potentially serving as a hub for “satsang” (a gathering of like heart-minded people for the general upliftment & maintenance of one’s own frequency, and that of the community).