What is Gong Yoga?


“GONG YOGA is an exhilarating & empowering form of Sound Meditation & Sound Healing  … that is a feeling, an experience, and sometimes an adventure.”


The rich & resonant frequencies & brilliant overtones of the gong-sound are beyond the repertoire or range of the normal human earthly experience.  This dynamic quality of sound-feeling could well represent a new dimension to the experience of sound and to yoga.


The beauty, magnificence and frequencies of the Gong-Sound stirs one’s very soul to a heightened level of awareness, and could well be perceived as the world’s 8th wonder. The gong-sound is felt on an energetic visceral level more so than merely being  listened to, and thus it is perceived by the body-mind as a physical & sometimes an astounding energetic and/or visual experience —> clearly a multidimensional sound.

Gong Yoga is a relatively new form of yoga.  It is not recognized as a classical form of yoga, except in that it is an essential element of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is undisputedly recognized as the most potent form of yoga, more so due to benefits derived from pranayama, (although it is always advised that one practices pranayama only under the direct guidance of a true Master).  Raja Yoga is by definition, “The King” of yogas, and mostly so due the emphasis it places on meditation, the essential cornerstone of one’s yoga practice / sadhana.

The Gong-Sound offers a form of meditation that is more stimulating & exciting than the traditional sitting form of meditation, (although the latter definitely has its place as the cornerstone of a Yoga practice).


The gong-sound-feeling takes us on a meditation journey & experience, and shifts our energy in ways that are unique & beneficial to the individual.