How to Experience to Gong Sound Energy

Not to be confused with “music” per se, the Gong is not listened to as ambient sounds to groove to or dance to.  It is listened to with focused attention.


A gong meditation is not really merely “listened to” with our ears as such, but rather “felt”.  It is in a way, a sensation, whereby the gong frequencies are experienced with our physical body and our feelings / sensations, (and not so much with emotions), as much as our energy body. By listening intently, with focused attention, while simultaneously being acutely aware of feeling sensations, (bodily & energetic more so than emotional) that arise, paying no attention to thoughts, and little attention to visions. Your body-heart-mind knows instinctively how to do it. And it is an intention. Mind chatter is shut off during a gong meditation as the experiencer / listener participates with her/his focus on pure listening, (close to 100% focused attention is the key). Thought is effectively curtailed because the mind is already fully occupied in listening, feeling & breathing.  As such, it could be said that meditation is akin to “listening to God”, whereas prayer is more like “talking to God”.  And please do not be offended by the G-word. Replace it with Universe, Source, The Divine, Prime Creator, Higher Self or whatever label you may be more comfortable with. Said differently, meditation is a state of no-thought or no-mind —> a state of being The Witness and The Observer and The Experiencer. It is (commonly) performed through the heart or third eye, (although renowned expert Dr. Symeon Rodger may suggest that the Dantian is a better place to focus – and has compelling reasons for suggesting so).


Simultaneously focusing on breathing deeply, (slow is better to start with), or with a rhythmic cycling or sometimes short suspensions of breath according to your inclination.  Experiment with all ways, but experience the correlation of deeper slower breaths with less frequent thoughts. This is standard for many if not all forms of meditation, and is especially important if the gong sound is felt with intensity —> requiring a breath to match the intensity.


Note: Key insight for “Manifesting” —> every thought & emotion is effectively a prayer & a request to the Universe to have more of that “thing” or frequency.